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The Films of Akira Kurosawa

Akira Kurosawa remains one of the most influential directors of Japanese cinema, as well as of World Cinema in general. During this tutorial, we will study the iconic director’s key films (Rashômon, Seven Samurai, Ikiru ….) as well as some of his “lesser-watched” works (Stray Dog, The Lower Depths, Dreams …), and try to attempt to build a cohesive understanding of Kurosawa’s filmic techniques, storytelling methods, and working practices on and off set.

Although Kurosawa is mostly remembered in modern film studies for being one of the key figures of the Golden Age of Japanese cinema as well as for his period dramas, he has also made a vast amount of contemporary films, which are key to understanding the life and sentiments in Japan post-WWII. As such, during this seminar, we will further be analysing his decades-spanning career (1941-1993) in the context of the radical evolution of the filmic and cultural landscape of Japan during those 50 years. Here, we will also discuss the works of Kurosawa’s Japanese contemporaries in both film and other media, which will additionally provide us with a broad context for understanding his works.

This tutorial is scheduled to be held in English, however, should there be a high demand for it to be taught in German it can be adjusted accordingly. The readings will be in English. The films will be shown in the original Japanese with English subtitles.

Please contact me via email (charlottehafner11@gmail.com) if you would like to participate in this tutorial.

Zeit: Mi. 14:00 bis 16:00 c.t. (ab 03.11.)

Ort: IG-Farben-Haus – IG 3.301

Kontakt: charlottehafner11@gmail.com